Fun Things to do With Your Friends on Zoom

It’s been a few months now, and we all are locked down in our homes. Life has become a little inactive and dull. Doesn’t it?

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You must be missing hanging out with your friends again. But going out is not yet an option, so why not bring it home? No, not literally but virtually. There are plenty of games and activities we can do over a virtual video chat with our groups. In this digital world, nobody needs to be alone. Let’s explore the different ways through which you can enjoy with your friends on Zoom.

Virtual vacation

Take a virtual vacation. One can visit different places virtually. Google Earth provides a Voyager feature, which includes plenty of tours. If the museum is more like your place, try to explore The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Invite your friends to share the experience, and then all of you can enjoy a visit to different areas of the World. The Internet has brought the World closer, so why shouldn’t we make the most out of it?

Google Art and National Museums also offer 600 plus virtual museums.


BINGO! Remember this game? You must have played it in childhood. Why not recall those childhood memories online. Bingo is one of the most accessible games out there. And everyone can join to play this game. All one needs to do is connect friends on a video chat and add the play to play feature. There are plenty of game applications online. One can use the My Free Bingo Cards website to play on virtual calls. To make it more engaging, the group can also introduce small prizes like game cards or cocktails or some treat. It would be a great way to spend time with friends without meeting them in person.


Going for a friendly debate is again a fantastic way to pass time with friends. Pick anything, or any topic and discuss how you feel about it and what are your ideas on it. Some might disagree with it; some might agree, but at the end of the day, all can learn different things from it. So try to talk about any topics like, which show is better? Or could Game of Thrones Have ended better? Or which place serves the best pizza? There are plenty of issues to discuss or debate on. Just pick one up, and there you go!

To make it more interesting, elect someone to judge, and after every debate, the winner will be announced. Rotate the part of the judge so that everyone can participate. Also, give someone a role, to sum up, the whole debate in short.


Starting a podcast is another great idea. Suppose you and your friends have dynamic and stimulating conversations, then yes, who can start one. So have a virtual discussion about some topic, talk about its every aspect, share opinions, and record it while having an excellent informative conversation. One can share the podcast with friends or family or even upload it on social media. It is a great way to utilize the time while having fun conversations with friends.

Friendly question-answers session

Sounds bitchy! No, it would be fun. Make question-answers round with friends and find out how much one knows about each other. It won’t be that bad if you add drinks to the game. So prepare some questions and make virtual cards on video conversation and then check who knows how much.

Quiz competitions

Conduct quiz competitions. Invite all the friends on a virtual call and host one quiz competition. One can prepare a bunch of questions using the internet, and ask their friends. It would be a fun game. One can be the host of the contest, and the rest can participate as contestants. They can prepare all the answers on a page, and then, in the end, all solutions can be evaluated. The one with the most correct answers wins the game. You can introduce fun gifts in this game too to make it more interesting.

Read books

Invite all your friends and grab a theatrical playbook. On the Zoom video call, each of you can pick a character from the book and read your parts. One can even develop some role in it; he/she can make a voice or mimic someone. This would bring smiles to your face while performing. Reading a book would also be a time utilizing a task. To make it even more interesting, participants can get a makeover according to their characters. You can also record the whole reading, and with a little editing, you can make a fantastic clip.

Watch a show

Watching a show online with friends is another great idea to spend time with friends. Here’s what one can do. One can connect his/her friends on Zoom call, then play some shows on his/her PC and share it.  You can enjoy a great time watching a fantastic series with your friends.

Zoom is not just an app for official meetings. It can also be used to have fun with friends and family. You can play games and hold quiz sessions with your friends over Zoom, and have a memorable experience.

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