Is Xbox Ready to Make Further Acquisitions?

Microsoft is an unstoppable giant. It was not long before that this giant successfully acquired Obsidian Entertainment, Double Fine and Playground Games, but it seems that the company has forgotten to stop succeeding. Many have their eyes in wait to see what Xbox will bring to the fans after these acquisitions. Dig deep into the recent history. Firstly, the year 2013 gifted Xbox One to the fans, which is significantly admired. Secondly, the Xbox Series X has brought in a wave of excitement. However, if you are thinking that Xbox will not surprise you again in the coming few months, you might be very wrong. The Xbox is keen to make further exciting acquisitions.

SOURCE:-Is Xbox Ready to Make Further Acquisitions?

Phil Spencer, the man leading Xbox, was very clear and practical with his ideas when he recently talked about the issue. He said that the acquiring process isn’t as easy as it seems. The most vital aspect that defines the success of an acquisition is integration. Poor integration can do more harm than good for the company. The man stated that Xbox is dedicatedly looking for only smart acquisitions, which are manageable and maintainable by the team. Leadership is a great responsibility, and thus wise decisions should be made before making an acquisition. This means that the group has to be in a sound position in all respects to be able to handle a new responsibility.

What Spencer said has clearly demonstrated the smart approach of the group. Probably this is why the company has taken a pause after making some fancy acquisitions. However, this temporary pause should not be mistaken as a permanent stop. The man also shared his intention to make the acquired studios treated like essential parts of the whole organizations. He is currently prioritizing on the need to provide support to those studios.

The strategy is clear. Spencer also shared how the subscriber base is reaching new heights for Xbox’s Game Pass. The man proudly claimed that the last year was an excellent time for the team in terms of revenue received. He also said that Xbox’s massive success is the reason that it never fails to attract new opportunities for growth. The man showed his gratitude towards the immense support of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and CFO Amy Hood. Their support, according to Spencer, is the reason why Xbox is always looking ahead for growth.

A spicy piece of news says that Microsoft is highly interested in acquiring Warner Bros. gaming division. It is said that Warner Bros. is all set to sell its gaming division. The list includes Batman Arkham developer Rocksteady, Mortal Kombat developer NetherRealm, along with 14 other studios. The acquisition would not be easy, but Microsoft has a strong habit of taking challenges and winning them. Till then, Xbox fans must not worry much and enjoy what Xbox has to offer.

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