How to Mute a Tab in the Browser?

While surfing websites, sometimes we encounter some annoying sounds and auto-playing videos, even repeated audio effects. We don’t want to listen or view the particular video at that time as these sounds appear very harsh or pesky. We need to silent or mute that annoying tab. These tabs can be muted or unmuted on either Windows PC or devices running on MacOS.

SOURCE:-How to Mute a Tab in the Browser?

 If you are one of them who are very annoyed by such auto-playing sounds or videos, then we are here to guide you how to mute an individual tab in various browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. The process for muting might be different according to the web browser.

Muting Tab on Google Chrome

Below are the guidelines to mute the tab on Google Chrome web browser:

  • First and foremost, you have to move on the tab producing harsh or annoying sounds and then perform a right-click on it.
  • Then, choose the option “Mute Site” from the pull-drop menu.
  • In case you wish to reverse the whole operation or wish to enable the respective tab to produce audio, you need to repeat the provided steps.
  • Google Chrome is one of the advanced and most used web browsers, and thus it provides the features to restrict sites from producing audios altogether. In order to avail this interesting feature, follow these instructions:
  • First and foremost, hit the hamburger icon situated at the uppermost right side section of the page and then hit the Settings tab from the pull drop menu.
  • After that, go to the Settings page and then choose the option “Security and Privacy” available via the provided listing at the left-hand side panel.
  • Next, choose the tab “Site Settings.”
  • Now, Scroll the page downward and then open the section “Additional Content Settings” if it’s not expanded already.
  • Then, hit the Sound button there.
  • Alternatively, users may also access this section by entering the following path into the URL section:
  • “chrome:\\settings\content\sound.”
  • Then, hit the Enter key to proceed.
  • Now, you have to select your desired site that your wish to mute, auto- unmutes, or auto-mute from the provided options. You will be able to view a toggle bar to mute or unmute every site. You may manually add the website from which you don’t wish to hear sounds.

Muting a Particular Tab on Mozilla Firefox

Users of Firefox can pursue a slightly similar method just as Chrome when they wish to mute or unmute a browser’s tab. In case you want to mute a particular tab, you have to move your pointer over the issue creating tab and then hit the mini “Speaker” icon there, and after a while, the icon will appear with a strikethrough to display that the feature is muted for the said browser tab.

  • There is also an alternative method: you can perform a right-click on the Firefox tab creating annoying sound. After that, choose the option “Mute Tab.”

Note: repeat the same procedures if you wish to enable tab for producing sounds.

Users may choose whether sound can auto-play on visiting a new site or not. In order to adjust the feature, pursue these instructions:

  • First of all, hit the menu tab parked at the uppermost section of the page.
  • Then, choose the option for Windows in case of Windows PC. If you are applying this method for MacOS, then choose the same.
  • After that, choose the Security and Privacy tab provided on the list.
  • Next, scroll the page downward and reach the section “Permissions.”
  • Then, press the Settings tab available just after the option “Autoplay.”
  • After that, hit the Block Audio option from the pull drop menu available just after the option “Default for all Websites.”
  • Now, hit the Save Changes tab to continue.

Note: if you desire to enable particular sites to produce sounds such as YouTube, then add them to the whitelist.

  • Hit the padlock icon there available just after the website URL.
  • Now, press the right-hand side arrow provided just after the option “Connection Secure.”
  • Choose the More Information tab from the pull drop menu.
  • Go to the next window and then hit the Permissions tab there.
  • Unmark the box available just after the option Use Default located under the Auto-play option.
  • Press the tab located next to Allow Video and Audio.

Muting Tab on Safari

In case you are using MacOS, then Safari is one of your popular and desired browsers. The software is well equipped with various interesting features that also enable the users to mute or unmute a tab with no more efforts. To mute a tab on Safari browser, then follow these instructions:

  • Firstly, search for the Speaker icon situated just right-hand side of the particular site’s name over the tab.
  • Now, toggle the tab to mute. Alternatively, hit the Speaker tab situated just after the option of site address to do the same.
  • There are other ways to mute a tab on Safari: perform a right-click on the annoying tab and then choose Mute Tab option from the pull drop menu. In case you wish to allow the audio features, repeat these steps.
  • In order to mute other tabs producing audio, apply right click on the small Speaker logo by navigating the Smart Search field of the address section and then choose the tab “Mute Other Tabs” from the pull drop menu.
  • In case you wish to mute the entire tab, hit the Speaker icon situated into the Smart Search Field of the address bar and hit on it to get the audio back.

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