Your Favourite Television Series, We Bare Bears, Is Now a CN Movie

If the stressful 2020 is getting on your nerves, and your kids are craving for some quality time with you, then here is your chance to spend some great family fun time together. Here comes a new launch in the world of Cartoon Network – We Bare Bears: The Movie.

SOURCE:-Your Favourite Television Series, We Bare Bears, Is Now a CN Movie

We Bare Bears is quite adventurous as the lovable and crazy bears get caught brutally by a nature preservationist. The well-placed jokes and punches here and there and the story write-up add up to the excitements. The movie will not only make you laugh but in some places, you may feel like crying as well. The movie has an emotional touch as well, so you must keep your tissue box handy.

If you are curious to get a sneak peek to spoilers, you are reading the right blog. The series turned movie has become a great talk among school kids due to its twists and turns. To begin with, the film is refreshing but lacks at some places. Stated simply, the viewers’ expectations for the movie were not met by the makers this time, leaving them with an unsatisfied face expression. The film could have been better in some places.

The Missing Action

Folks, especially kids, admire some action moves and tricks. Action adds some spice to stories, especially the ones that carry rebellions and protests. We bare bears is also a story of dissent, demonstrations, and revolt, but lacks the much-needed kicks and punches. More action was expected from the bear’s friends in the movie. They can be seen in barely two or three spots in the film. The first instance is seen in the intro song, the second one when the bears are taken away by Trout, and lastly, in the climax. Rest, the movie is a plain presentation of verbal arguments. The only thing the bears can be seen doing in the film is raising their voices and showing protestations. If action punches and popcorns are your favorite combos to enjoy an animated movie, then it’s better to go for some ice cream this time. In other words, if you are an action lover expecting the bears to deliver their best acting performances, then you should be ready for the disappointment.

It was good to see Charlie stealing the police van, but Chloe, Tabes, and Darrell did nothing to grab attention. Had they appeared with some legal papers to prove the bears’ innocence towards the end of the movie, they would have still gained some limelight.  However, to the great surprise of the viewers, no efforts were visible from the side of the bears’ best pals. 

One instance that was hilarious and appreciated by the viewers was the Mystery Machine Cameo. Bears wanted to turn their van into an iconic car, but the Mystery Machine was the show-stealer in the film.

Sure, the movie had some loopholes, but it would be unfair to name it a dull piece. The plot is jampacked with surprises here and there that will keep your eyeballs glued to the screen. The character sketches are sharply written, while the storyline is simple yet impactful. Not to forget, the cute bears will surely bring in some “aww” moments for bear lovers. The movie can act as your stress-buster and is the proper utilization of time for your Sunday mornings.

In the end, it is recommended that you must watch the movie and cherish some fun time with your children. The film is on VOD. You will love it as much as your kids and their friends.

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