Kimi No Na Wa Is Coming on Netflix and Other Streaming Services This Month

For the ones who missed out watching Kimi no Na wa before, here comes a piece of good news! The Japanese blockbuster movie is now available at highly loved streaming services this month. Hearing this, anime lovers are on cloud nine!

SOURCE:-Kimi No Na Wa Is Coming on Netflix and Other Streaming Services This Month

Amidst all the ordinary anime films, this one brought a fresh wave. The story is new, novel, and well crafted. The soundtracks are melodious and have received immense appreciation worldwide—no wonder the film has won multiple awards for its outstanding performance. The 2016 Makoto Shinkai anime film will be a great watch for many after 10th July, when it will be made available on Netflix.

Kimi no Na wa, aka “Your Name”, has received the success it deserved. It holds the highest-grossing anime of all-time title, after surpassing “Spirited Away,” a masterpiece by Studio Ghibli and “Howl’s Moving Castle.”

Not only Netflix, but other esteemed platforms are also making the film available, including iTunes, PlayStation Store, and Amazon Prime Video. The movie got released for the first time in 2016, and since then, it has received immense love and respect from the audience. The reviews speak volumes about how much every element of the film has made an impression on the minds. All the components are perfectly amalgamated, making the film an attention-holding masterpiece. The makers have put in great effort to maintain a rhythm in the storyline, to make it easily digestible and effortless. Various scene changes could have confused the audience, but they didn’t, thanks to the well-crafted, sharp storyline.

The Storyline

The plot story of the film isn’t an ordinary one. The story revolves around two young teenagers who discovered that they could swap their lives.  One of them is Mitsuha, who is a free-bird in her family. She resides in a small hill town in Japan and is the daughter of the town mayor.  She is pretty straightforward and energetic and is entirely uninterested in her father’s electoral campaigns. Instead, she wants to escape her ordinary routine and aspires to try her luck in Tokyo. She is bored with the town-life she is living in. Fate had its surprising ways to make her live in Tokyo.

The other teenager is Taki, who lives in Tokyo. The guy has a big dream of becoming an architect or artist but is currently working part-time in an Italian restaurant.

Both the teenagers were strangers until a significant twist entered their lives. One fine night, both teenagers mysteriously swapped roles. The girl living in the town suddenly wakes up in Taki’s body, and the guy wakes up in her body. This bizarre incident wasn’t just a one-time coincidence. It started happening recurrently, with both teenagers being clueless about what was happening. The two started communicating through notes and imprints, and a robust, exciting connection started building up between them. The curiosity to meet each other rose when they finally decided to meet in the sky’s dazzling light. Yet, nobody can deny fate’s decisions. Will they ever be able to meet each other in person? The question sets a curious mood for the viewers. There are some stronger powers in the storyline that might influence the life of the two young high-schoolers.

The Music

Magical is the correct word to describe the music of Kimi no Na wa. The soundtracks are heart-warming and soothing to the ears and mind. The music of the movie comes as an amalgamation of sweet melody and modern rhythms. The songs are a blended mix of meaning and music.  Dream Lantern, School Road, Akogare Cafe, and Futari No Ihen are some of the most significant music pieces that lift the viewers’ overall movie watching experience. All these four music pieces and more fit perfectly at the correct places and add meaning to the storyline. The enlivening melodies contribute significantly to the success of the film. Kudos to the music creators!

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