Best Downloaders for Your YouTube Playlist

The benefit of surfing all your favourite YouTube videos on your device without using the internet is a great opportunity. You can download your YouTube playlist in bulk for free using various apps or downloaders. This will ensure that you don’t get bored while you travel. This will also save the internet and you can enjoy your videos without buffering.

SOURCE:-Best Downloaders for Your YouTube Playlist

You can easily find an online downloader for downloading YouTube videos but there are various disadvantages to them and they can also hamper your privacy. Those sites do not allow you to download videos in a bulk and they can also not handle good quality videos, especially 4K.

To help you find the right downloader to get your videos downloaded on your device in bulk without causing damage to your device and interfering any privacy, we have stated the best Downloaders in the list below:

4K Video Downloader

This is the most popular and highly ranked free tool to download YouTube videos as it also blocks ads while the downloading is in process. It supports both MP3 and MP4 formats, and every feature is highly customizable. You can easily download 4K videos and subtitles from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, TikTok and other such sites. You can choose the video quality (from 720p to 8K) before downloading. The 360° videos or the virtual reality videos can be downloaded as well. It is available in Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems.

VLC Media Player

Downloading your favourite playlist is easy on this downloader as well but you have to to install this software on your device first and then follow these steps:

  1. Add the URL of your YouTube video playlist, that you want to download, on the ‘Open Network Stream’ section of ‘Media.’
  2. Once the URL is pasted click on the ‘Play’ button.
  3. When the video begins to download, click on Tools and select ‘Codec’. Below that page you will find a location box.
  4. Paste the link of that location box on your browser and click the Enter button.
  5. Make a right click on the video that started playing automatically and then click on ‘Save Video As.’

YouTube by Click

Apart from downloading your whole YouTube playlists, you can download the Instagram pages at once in just one click, with this downloader. It supports various sites like Vimeo, Facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion, etc. You can convert your videos into any format and the videos can be downloaded from 720p to 8K quality. If you want to enjoy additional features like subtitle download, ringtone creation, etc., you can purchase a one time licence for $10.

aTube Catcher

It is a great app but downloading it can take some extra procedures. When you try to download it, the first two times you have to decline the installation. Your videos can be downloaded in bulk and it will get converted into popular formats automatically or else you can also customise the format of your videos. You have to increase your bandwidth, if you want to download and reduce in bulk from this app. This app can record on-screen videos and merge them too.


Unfortunately this is not a free app but it offers very affordable three-tier plans named:

  1. ‘Basic’ costs $11 for unlimited video and playlist downloads along with 2 years of free updates.
  2. ‘Professional’ that costs $13 for unlimited videos and playlist download along with unlimited channels per session. It also allows you to download videos in bulk and you get 3 years of free updates as well.
  3. ‘Ultimate’ charges $16 for unlimited videos, playlist and channels per session along with bulk downloads. It will automatically delete duplicate videos in your playlist and provide you unlimited or lifetime free updates.

You can download VR videos, 4K videos and YouTube subtitles as well.

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